Measurably the best construction services for our clients

Naylor Love has served the property industry in New Zealand for over 109 years. We are proud of our heritage, which has been built around a commitment to building long-term relationships and a continuous improvement policy as we strive to deliver measurably the best construction services for our clients.

Our unique approach

Naylor Love brings a unique, collaborative and refreshing approach to construction in New Zealand, and we are acknowledged leaders in many aspects of best practice and lean construction.

Technical culture

As well as a comprehensive construction management skills base, Naylor Love has retained a technical culture. This has provided us with a practical and pragmatic site management capability augmented by the trade supervisors who have an intimate knowledge of the project process at the coalface.

Health and Safety

Naylor Love has a strong health and safety culture. Over the past 15 years, Naylor Love has responded to the rapidly changing health and safety environment, and has met the challenges of the current health and safety legislation with a comprehensive working Health and Safety programme. The objective of our programme is to ensure that everyone who enters a Naylor Love site feels safe, is not subject to the unexpected and leaves without injury or harm.


At Naylor Love you can expect to join a diverse team of committed and talented experience people. Were innovative thinking is a core value and by working together we achieve more.